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Emily VanCamp 'ups fitness regime'

Emily VanCamp feels like she needs to "get in there" when it comes to exercise.

The blonde actress rose to fame playing feisty Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke on hit TV show Revenge.

She's now bringing her kick-ass nature to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and says it's tough staying on top of her fitness regime for such physical parts.

"I am constantly getting ready for something," she explained to Total Film.

"I try to stay in shape as much as I can. I started Captain America when I was doing Revenge, so I already had to be in shape but, at a certain point, I'm going to have to take the time to really get in there if I am going to keep doing these physical roles. It takes a lot out of you. It is exhausting!"

The 27-year-old might look like butter wouldn't melt with her blonde hair and sweet smile.

However, she's enjoyed proving people wrong about her innocent exterior.

"Nobody knows you have the tough girl inside of you unless you are given the opportunity to show it," she reasoned.

"With Revenge, I was able to show that side of myself. I had a great time with all the physical stuff. I was able to show I could play an ass-kicking woman."

Emily always looks stunning on the red carpet and sparkled last night when she attended the Captain America premiere in Los Angeles.

She wore a glittery silver dress with black sandals, but prefers to keep things casual on days off.

"I like to be understated and comfortable," she previously E! News.

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