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Emma Bunton: My workouts vary

Emma Bunton doesn't follow a strict exercise regime, and rather works out when she has time.

The Spice Girls star doesn't stick to a particular gym routine but says her active family life keeps her fit.

Emma has sons Tate and Beau with long-term partner Jade Jones and her busy life dictates when she exercises.

"Oh gosh, I have times in my life when I really love working out and I’ll go to the gym four or five times a week. I’m currently at a stage where I’m not! But you are so busy running around after the children, you do what you can. I definitely will have that moment next month," she explained in an interview with British magazine new!

"That will be my month for training and getting back to the gym."

Jade has worked as a chef, and Emma makes the most of his culinary skills.

"I’m not great at cooking, though, and I leave everything up to Jade. I think he gave up trying to teach me a long time ago," she giggled.

"I’m lucky to have him to cook at home. He really enjoys it. I’ve become the sous-chef, and I open the wine instead!"

Emma is famed for her gorgeous curves and natural beauty, but has revealed the star she'd most like to dress up as.

"I would have to be Twiggy. I love a bit of the '60s!" she exclaimed.

Emma recently revealed she's like to add to her brood, admitting having one more child "would be lovely".

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