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Emma Roberts: Hair colour impacts my make-up

Emma Roberts wants to have more of a tan when she rocks blond tresses.

The 23-year-old actress has experimented with her tresses over the last couple of years, rocking everything from light blond to deep brunette. While she can pull off both perfectly Emma has to make a couple of changes when it comes to her cosmetics depending on her shade.

"When I switch hair colours I have to change my whole makeup and wardrobe because it sometimes doesn't work," she told Us Weekly. "When I have blond hair I can just do mascara, bronzer, and some concealer. When you have dark hair, I have to wear more makeup because I'm so pale."

She also enjoys mixing up her skin tone when changing her hair, turning to bronzer. Being a spokesperson for Neutrogena it's no surprise Emma uses one of their products to get a subtle glow.

"When I have dark hair, I'd definitely do a red lip and keep a pale complexion, but when I'm blond I always want to look more tan," she continued.

"I love the Healthy Skin Blonde Bronzer, which I use on my cheeks, neck, and chest. Since I’ve gone blond, the Bright Berry Super Moisture Stick is so girly and feminine and looks great with the blond hair."

And it doesn't stop at light and dark for the star. She's open to going even bolder in the future when the timing is right.

"You know what, I want to go red next year. There’s a role that I’m doing and I kind of want to go auburn," she smiled. "We’ll see if that flies with everyone else."

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