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Emma Roberts: I use a VS trainer

Emma Roberts undertakes a lot of sit-ups in order to get away with wearing a crop top.

The 23-year-old actress is known for her slender figure, which she often shows off in cute outfits. Speaking about how she maintains a flat stomach to wear crop tops, Emma revealed her exercise secret.

“I worked out. A lot. I realised the only way to get abs is sit-ups - you can go around it as much as you want, but if you want abs, you have to do the sit-ups,” she explained to “I started working out with Andrea Orbeck - she [trains] some of the Victoria’s Secret girls, so I was like, ‘Done. Help me!’”

Emma's chosen piece of clothing has made a comeback in recent years, especially with the younger generation. However, the blonde star doubts they’ll be worn in the future.

“In 20 years [kids] are going to look back at pictures and say, ‘Can you believe they walked around wearing a crop top, that’s so embarrassing,’” she laughed. “It’s going to be the demise of our generation.”

Thanks to her gruelling workouts Emma doesn’t feel the need to go on a strict diet. She loves indulging in carbs so much that one incident involving food got her stopped by police.

“I was eating a mini bagel, actually, and I was driving to work. There was a cop on a motorcycle, and I smiled at him because I always smile at cops,” Emma recalled. “Then he pulled me over and he said, ‘You just made eye contact with me. You know you were doing something wrong.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘I saw you talking on your phone.’ I said, ‘No, I was eating a bagel,’ and the bagel was in my lap.”

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