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Emma Roberts: Un-retouched ads reflect the real me

Emma Roberts wants people to see what she really looks like in her new campaign.

The actress stars in the lingerie firm's Aerie Real ads, rocking everything from a white lacy bralette teamed with a chunky grey cardigan, to stripy sleepwear.

Despite not having her photos tweaked, Emma still looks flawless.

"I think that's really important when you see campaigns - not everyone is doing duck faces but they're actually having fun. And for me, I think we live in such an age of Photoshop and Facetune, and all of those kinds of things, I thought it would be nice to show me un-retouched," she told The Hollywood Reporter's Pret-a-Reporter.

"I thought I'd give people a glimpse into my life and see what I look like as me. And I hope this inspires girls to not feel like they need to look like anybody but themselves."

Being snapped in underwear obviously takes guts, and the 24-year-old says she did have "a lot of confidence" before she stepped on set.

However once she was in the revealing outfits, things quickly changed.

"[I] got instantly so embarrassed. I literally wanted to run back into my dressing room," she admitted.

"So basically I walked on set and got really red in the face and embarrassed, and they just started blasting music and dancing and being silly and basically embarrassing themselves to make me feel better."

Photographer Ali Mitton also helped Emma feel at ease, as did the fact she could see the finished article and OK them before they went live.

Nerves still plague Emma when she hits the red carpet too, but the blonde star knows just how to handle the apprehension.

"But I think for me, it's about surrounding yourself with people that make you feel confident and comfortable, like I always bring some of my best friends to events so that way it's more fun and it doesn't feel like work or intimidating," she shared.

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