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Emma Stone: Appearance isn't important

Emma Stone has "no problem" with not looking her best.

The Hollywood actress is famed for her roles in comedies including Superbad and The House Bunny.

Emma is admired for her gorgeous looks and well as her comic talent, and insists women can possess both qualities.

"That old question about whether, as a woman, you can be funny and attractive at the same time. Argh! I hate that question. Of course you can," she told Stylist magazine.

"But this idea that you have to choose between the two does persist, and I think a lot of female actors have a real fear of not looking their best. They learn to prize their vanity over a role in which they have to look like a moron. They're worried they'll damage their sex appeal. Thankfully, I have no problem looking like a moron!"

Emma identifies with her character in The Help. The 22-year-old beauty plays journalist Skeeter in the film, who isn't concerned about her looks.

"In The Help, my character Skeeter comes up against a similar convention; she's not considered attractive so she'd darned better find something that she's good at. Which she does: writing. But her mother is always trying to make her 'pretty herself up', and she's constantly being told that the most important thing in life is to snag a man. Things have obviously changed a bit, but not enough, in my opinion," she claimed.

"In Hollywood - and indeed, the world - a lot of women only think about themselves in the context of men. It's truly sad."

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