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Emma Stone: Don't judge on appearances

Emma Stone feels happiest when she lives by her “truth”.

The pretty actress stars as the face of Revlon’s Nearly Naked make-up range, a lightweight and natural-looking foundation.

The theme of the commercial is secrets, prompting Emma to reflect on her own key to happiness.

“The secret to happiness... is living by your truth and living the life that you want to live,” she revealed to People’s StyleWatch.

“Not based on anyone else’s judgment of your life or your judgment of theirs. Because I think a lot of people compare their insides to other people’s outsides.”

A first look at the advert shows the 24-year-old in a lush green garden, applying the make-up as she poses in a cute pastel-coloured outfit.

The commercial’s theme really appealed to Emma and she says there is one particular message she hopes to get across.

“When they came to talk to me about what this commercial would be about, they said it would be about secrets because this foundation is your secret; because no one can tell you’re wearing any,” she explained.

“We’ve been playing around all day with a couple of different secrets and I think the one that’s really been resonant is that, to me, funny is beautiful, which has been my whole goal with Revlon from the beginning; to show people in any way that I can, that it’s really all about personality. That’s all I’m going off of! So you know; you win some, you lose some.”

Emma is famed for her fair complexion and cute freckles.

She’s pleased the Nearly Naked range allows her natural looks to shine through.

“It’s for people who don’t really love wearing foundation. It’s really light, my freckles show, which I appreciate but it still covers up what you want it to cover up,” she smiled.

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