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Emma Stone: Elbaz stands out

Emma Stone thinks it's a travesty that Alber Elbaz wants to "blend into the background".

The Hollywood actress - who is famed for her quirky style choices - is a huge fan of the designer and his work at label Lanvin.

Emma accompanied Alber to the Met Gala in New York City this year, wearing a stunning red gown he created for her.

"He's fantastic and he wants to hide. Did you read that thing where he says he wants to blend into the background?" she asked the latest edition of UK magazine Vogue.

"He doesn't want to be the icon at all, he wants to make things for women so that they can shine."

Emma is often praised for her fashion choices, which she finds deeply amusing. Although the stunning star has always taken a mild interest in what she wears, most of her best looks have been the work of her stylist.

"It's something that I have been more exposed to in the past year, so I finally have a deeper understanding and appreciation of it," she revealed.

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