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Emma Stone helped dress Gwen Stacy

Emma Stone is "easy to dress and can wear anything," according to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume designer Deborah Scott.

The 25-year-old actress returns to the role of the superhero's love interest Gwen Stacy in the second instalment of the Marvel Comics franchise.

Deborah Scott teamed up with Emma to create the character's stylish wardrobe. The costume-designer found it easy working with the star as she was always happy to get involved.

"[Gwen] is a feminine icon in the comic books, so you have an amazing opportunity to bring this comic book icon fashionista to life, and played by Emma Stone - an amazing actress, beautiful, easy to dress and can wear anything. So you kind of have the best of all worlds," Deborah explained to "[Emma's] amazingly collaborative and she loves to try on clothes and she's just willing to try anything."

Deborah continued to reveal her favourite outfit on Emma in the movie, created from a scene featured in the original comic strip. The ensemble is made up of a mint-green pea coat worn over a black blouse and purple skirt and accessorised with lace tights and black leather boots.

"The end costume was really fun. It was the most difficult because it had the most logistic problems - it had to fit for action, it had to emulate the comic book, it had to be stylish, it had to get colours to go together so that was hard. But all of [the outfits] were fun," Deborah smiled.

"Gwen Stacy's an Upper East Side kinda girl in New York City so she's got a fashion sense, and also following what was established with her in the first movie and just taking it from there and sort of having her move on. She's a few years older, she has a job."

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