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Emma Stone proud of shades habit

Emma Stone admits to being "one of those a**holes" who wears sunglasses when she gets off a plane.

The actress is famously light-hearted about her style and wardrobe choices. However, Emma has admitted to having a diva-ish fashion streak when it comes to travelling.

"Heck, yes. Depends on the circumstance, but I will say I've been one of those a**holes who wear sunglasses off the plane, in an airport," she quipped in an interview with Empire magazine.

Emma makes the best of her travels though. The red-headed beauty appreciates the array of cosmetics on offer in hotel rooms.

"It's not really stealing if it's lotions and shampoos, right? They want you to have those," she smiled.

"And it's not really stealing if it's a dresser. They want you to have those. It's in the room."

Emma was also asked about male fashion sense in the interview. The stunning star categorically screamed "No!" when asked if men should wear sandals.

When asked why not, the 23-year-old star replied: "Come on!"


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