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Emma Stone relies on team for ‘fun looks’

Emma Stone finds it hard to think up "fun beauty looks" without the help of her style team.

The actress isn't entirely sure she is making good style decisions without seeking their opinion first. Emma claims she is prone to going over-the-top with glitter, which her team convince her to steer clear of.

"When it comes to hair and make-up on the red carpet, I rely on my team to come up with fun beauty looks," Emma admitted to the British edition of InStyle magazine.

"I trust them more than I trust myself. They make me look presentable. I usually have a crazy idea they talk out me out of, like putting glitter all over my eyes, but if it really happened, I'd be like, 'Get it off me!' after five minutes."

Emma is naturally blonde, but is usually seen with red hair. The 24-year-old shared an unusual home dye method for changing up her locks when she's not working.

"I enjoy being a redhead but, for me, blonde is the easiest colour to be. I'm naturally fair, so my hair grows out blonde and I see my colourist just twice a year," Emma continued.

"When I'm blonde, I use this concentrated purple shampoo that's great for removing brassy tones. It looks terrifying though, like you have ink all over yourself. If you keep it on for too long, it leaves your hair a shade of lavender, quite quirky for a day off!"

Emma says her love for sugary snacks plays havoc with her appearance. She knows this is partly why she suffers from occasional bouts of spots.

"I like to try new products and have no regular regime for my skin, which may be part of the reason I suffer from break-outs," Emma pondered. "That and the fact I eat a lot of sugar."

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