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Emma Watson dresses to impress

Emma Watson dresses to impress rather than for comfort on the red carpet.

The British actress has become a fashion icon at star-studded events with her stunning choice of outfits.

She has also been the face for designer brand's Burberry and Lancôme.

Despite these achievements Emma still gets nervous when preparing to step into the spotlight. She often finds herself dressing up to fit the part instead of for comfort.

"Getting ready for an event can feel like a lot of pressure. You have to consider, 'Will people see up my skirt? If a flash goes off, can you see through this?'" she explained to US magazine The Edit. "So I'll do a test sitting, a test standing... It's nerve-wracking. People really scrutinise... On the red carpet, I'm usually in so much discomfort - my shoes are uncomfortable, I can't breathe in the dress. I don't compromise like that in my everyday style."

The 23-year-old beauty is participating in the Green Carpet Challenge. Set up by Livia Firth the project aims to pair glamour with ethical clothing, helping promote sustainable fashion.

Emma loves the idea of wearing environmentally friendly ensembles and was eager to get involved with the challenge.

"I've always had this huge problem. I would love to wear garments that are ethically sourced, but there aren't enough options for me to be able to do that realistically," she admitted. "It just seemed like [the project] was something I had to do, something I'd been waiting for."

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