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Emma Watson has 'flawless' face

Emma Watson’s makeup artist has revealed how she created the star’s flawless look for her latest movie, The Bling Ring.

Movie make-up artist Roz Music has revealed how she turned the cast of new movie The Bling Ring into “bratty” Beverly Hills teenagers with the help of the right make-up look.

The beauty pro insisted that Emma didn’t need to rely on heavy layers of face paint to achieve a polished look thanks to her pure complexion.

“Emma’s skin is flawless, so I just used primer, instead of foundation, to moisturise her skin and get her camera-ready,” Roz told beauty website Style.

“I used Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths on her in the morning and to take her make-up off. They’re great because if someone comes in late for work, you can just clean the face without any water. She uses Jurlique Calendula Cream every morning.”

Roz also revealed that Emma was happy to start prepping her face while having her hair done to save time.The 23-year-old actress had her own locks lengthened every day to suit her character, so spent hours in the stylist’s chair.

“I put a little box with her makeup basics by her chair to use when she was getting her hair done. She would actually do prep work on herself, like curling her lashes and putting on her mascara,” Roz explained. “We had to lengthen her hair—she used extensions, and hours went into that hair every day. Then we focused on her lashes, since that’s the trick to making her look well made-up without having to invest a lot of time.

“I used L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara for everyone on set; all of the actresses had their own tube with their name on it.”

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