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Emma Watson: I take chances with cosmetics

Emma Watson insists her shorter hair cut has made her make-up routine "bolder".

The British actress chopped her long signature locks into a pixie crop last year.

She believes the edgier cut has allowed her to be more experimental with cosmetics.

"I think it's made me more bold, there's no way to hide when you have short hair. You really have to go for it and also, because I think it's quite boyish, you can kind of take it a bit further the other way. Be a bit sexier because it's kind of not too much, so that was cool. I've definitely been more experimental with colour and just a bit bolder," she told

"Now it's fun to play around with different colours. Because I have short hair - I'm big into doing like, Twiggy mascara. So I'll do bottom lashes and top lashes. And because I'm so pale - I'm English - I have to wear blush or some kind of bronzer. I'm big into a cream blush."

Emma is the face of beauty giant Lancôme, and stars in their Trésor Midnight Rose campaign. The beauty has revealed the make-up secrets behind the glamorous shoot.

"I think for the Midnight Rose campaign, we did a strong eye and strong lip, but I think it's different in a photoshoot than in everyday life," she explained. "It's like, 'Whoa, too much to do both, you have to pick one or the other.'"

Emma has revealed her personal beauty icons. Different stars inspire her in different ways.

"Mia Farrow was a big inspiration for the haircut. In terms of beauty, I think Kate Bosworth always has really great beauty. Diane Kruger, she always does her own make-up, and always looks great," she said.

"And then if I'm going to look back, I love the freshness and the naturalness of Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy. I love Charlotte Rampling - all of those French actresses who don't really look like they're wearing anything or like they tried very hard is definitely the coolest."

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