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Emmy Rossum: Eye cream’s my saviour

Emmy Rossum has multi-uses for her eye cream when the weather is cold.

The 27-year-old actress has shared some tips on how she keeps her skin looking fresh when out and about.

After growing up in New York, known for its blustery winds and low temperatures in December, Emmy has learnt to use one product to tackle different parts of her body.

"I like to keep eye cream with me at all times, because I find that it's small and it can hydrate under your eyes and double as lip moisture, cuticle moisture, and elbow moisture - everything gets so awfully dry during the winter," she explained to

"Sometimes by mid-afternoon, [my foundation gets] kind of congealed, especially in the cold weather, which can dry your face out and make the make-up look like it's sitting on top rather than being a part of the skin. I find that adding a bit of eye cream under your eye and on your cheek area can refresh everything and kind of bring [your complexion] back to life."

Emmy continued to share how her beauty routine has changed over the years. Now her face is no longer prone to spots, the brunette beauty has switched things up.

"[My routine has] kind of evolved! In my late twenties, acne isn't as much of a concern anymore and I want to start hydrating. It's more [about] preventing ageing and keeping my skin really [moisturised] and glow-y, especially because so many TVs are HD now," she laughed.

"With the internet, people can blow up your face to the size of their screen and see all of your pores. I had to throw all of my magnifying mirrors out of my house."

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