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Emmy Rossum: I don’t brunch, I crunch

Actress Emmy Rossum likes to work out with friends because it makes exercising so much more enjoyable.

Actress Emmy Rossum’s Sunday motto is “less brunching and more crunching”, so she makes her friends do workouts rather than have lazy lunches.

The 29-year-old star doesn’t particularly enjoy working out, but she understands it’s essential for her overall wellbeing. To make it as painless as possible she uses a trainer and gets her pals involved, as she finds the time flies when she’s sharing the experience with people she likes.

“I use a lot of my own body weight and do exercises that work multiple muscles at a time,” she told The Cut. “It saves time and it also optimises your workout. I do cardio probably every other day. On Sunday my motto is ‘less brunching and more crunching’. I'll get my friends together either at my house or on my lawn and we'll work out together.”

Although Emmy doesn’t like the term ‘wellness’ because it sounds “kind of hippy”, she is clear that the way she treats her body is important. Being sensible about her diet and exercising will always be vital to her, although these days she’s careful not to put a huge amount of pressure on herself either.

“I also used to compare myself, my body, and the way I look on the outside to other people that were in the gym,” she said. “Now I just try to be the best version of me, because that's my body shape and that's my body type and that's the best version of me.”

Despite all this, the star does allow herself some indulgences. It’s not a glass of wine or a chunk of chocolate Emmy hankers after when she’s had a hard day though – it’s something she is much more embarrassed about.

“I have a string-cheese addiction,” she admitted. “I can't keep them in the house. It's not something I would eat with other people — it's not like I'll pull out some string cheese when I'm having a glass of wine with a group of friends. It's just something I like to have when I'm on the go, and I really don't have to think about it. I guess it could be a lot worse.”

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