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Emmy Rossum needs beauty sleep

Emmy Rossum relies on rest to keep her looking and feeling fresh.

The American actress relies on a regular snooze to keep her feeling awake and fresh throughout the day. She also believes these short intervals give better results than relying on artificial energy.

When asked what her behind-the-scenes beauty tips were Emmy was happy to reveal her top recommendation.

"Sleep is very important so I nap a lot, sometimes I even try to take naps at lunch. I make sure I have food every three hours, if you're constantly putting healthy calories into your body you are able to stay awake and alert much longer," she advised while hosting the launch event for the Origins Smarty Plants. "My crutch is caffeine; sometimes I drink a little too much coffee when I'm on set. After I finish a project I like to go caffeine-free for a while, which can be tough for the first three days, but then I actually end up feeling a lot better and my dark circles go away."

Her skincare routine is also minimal.

While she enjoys using particular products, such as Origins new Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 Skin complexion corrector, Emmy believes a natural approach has a long lasting effect on her overall appearance.

"My skincare routine is pretty simple. I also truly believe that what you put into your body is the key to what you look like on the outside," she explained. "I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle; I drink a lot of water, I try to go to sleep early, I don't smoke, I keep drinking to a minimum and I treat my skin, the biggest organ on our bodies well. It is extremely important that the products we put on our skin and face are natural to make sure all products are helping and not harming our bodies."

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