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Emmy Rossum recalls beauty blunder

Emmy Rossum's most embarrassing beauty blunder made her look like a "tranny clown pooped on [her] eyes".

The stunning star once made the mistake of wearing Swarovski crystals on her eyelids. The actress was later criticised for the beauty look she donned at the 2007 event at the Metropolitan Opera House.

Emmy agrees it wasn't her finest hour.

"Anytime you Google 'bad celebrity makeup,' that comes up," she told InStyle Hair.

"I looked as if a tranny clown pooped on my eyes! But I think it's good to take chances."

While the 25-year-old still believes in taking risks she does her research first. She asks fashion experts for advice before sporting a particularly high fashion look.

"I surf the Web to see the runway shows and then figure out who the fashion publicists are and e-mail them myself," she said.

She also turns to magazines for inspiration, tearing out the pages and sticking them into lookbooks. Emmy's closet is filled with fashions from Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Target designer pieces.

However she is much less glamorous on the set of her Showtime series Shameless, playing bad girl Fiona Gallagher who has smudged mascara and frizzy hair.

"It's changed my thoughts on beauty because Fiona is not about perfection," she said. "She just looks real, and I think people find that beautiful."


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