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Emmy's lipstick tips

Emmy Rossum has shared her top beauty travelling tip.

The actress is often spotted rocking a bright colour on her pout on the red carpet.

As she travels a lot for work, she's come up with a space-saving method that means she can have all her favourite shades on her and still travel light.

"I use those pill cases; you know the ones that have the days of the week on them that you think of for your grandma's pills," she divulged to

"I'll take lipstick and just take the bullet of the lipstick out and smash it into a Monday and take a different one and smash it into a Tuesday. That way I have seven different lipsticks in a very, very small container to travel."

Emmy, 27, is famed for her super-shiny brunette locks, which she achieves thanks to "a ton" of hair oil.

However, even the Shameless star has had some embarrassing beauty moments.

"Earlier this summer, I was considering wearing a fake bang piece for a film that I did. So I took a hair extension and clipped it to the front of my head so that it would hang in front. I pulled the rest of my hair behind my ears, and I cut the hair extension straight across to see what bangs would look like on me," she explained.

"And I was like, 'Oh, this is interesting. Yeah, I don't think I'm going to do that.' When I unclipped the bang piece, I realised that I had actually chopped off a piece of my own hair. And I had that moment like that girl in the YouTube video when she realised she's burnt off her hair with the curling iron, where you look in the mirror and go, 'No! Wait, what?'"

Emmy also shared her top beauty tips with fans, which include using an anti-acne body wash after exercising and adding some olive oil to night cream for added moisture.

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