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Ermanno Daelli praises Kanye

Italian designer Ermanno Daelli has spoken about his close friendship with Kanye West.

The rapper has been taken under the Italian designer's wing, and been helping him study in Florence, Italy. Kanye's fiancée Kim Kardashian is also a fan of the fashion star's pieces, wearing one of his lace dresses for her 33rd birthday in Las Vegas last October. The couple are reportedly set to get married in the romantic city of Florence this month.

Ermanno has opened up about his close friendship with Kanye and how the musician appreciates fashion.

"Our friendship is based on a deep and immediate mutual understanding. This comes as no surprise, he is a very special person, with a great energy and sensitivity," Ermanno told Us Weekly. "Kanye has nothing to learn from anyone. He just appreciates [my label] Ermanno Scervino's genuine Italian handcraft. He is a genuine creative talent with the soul of a true artist."

He and Kanye first met earlier this year in Paris, after the music star visited Ermanno's boutique. The Italian designer does a lot of work in his home country to help get his creative juices flowing, which includes guiding Kanye.

"My plan was to surround myself with the excellence of Italian handcraft and the people working to maintain it alive. This allows me to monitor directly all the various steps of the creative process, from the sketches to the final fittings," he added. "Indirectly, this is also a way to preserve our tradition and know-how. In fact, in my atelier, we have the expertise to work with all ranges of fabrics and materials, from leather to denim, from wool to silk and cashmere, to create sportswear as well as couture pieces."

When asked if fans can expect a collaboration between himself and Kanye in the future, Ermanno didn't dismiss the idea.

"We've become friends, he has fallen in love with the artistic treasures of Florence," the designer smiled. "Who knows what can happen in the future."

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