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Erykah Badu: Fashion is art

Erykah Badu finds it fun "exploring" the world of fashion.

The American singer was Riccardo Tisci's muse as he created his Spring 14 collection for Givenchy. She also appears in the campaigns for the label.

She and her designer friend appear in V magazine together for a photoshoot and in-depth interview. During their discussions Erykah revealed why she loves the fashion industry so much.

"It's all art to me. I just really enjoy expressing myself artistically in any genre. Whether it be music or cooking or hair. Costume, make-up, fashion. It's just fun exploring all of the little things inside of my head and seeing them manifest," she explained when asked whether clothing is another mode of expression for her.

"I would liken fashion or styling to putting a lump of clay in the middle of the table and carving away. And there's something underneath. Layering and silhouettes. A pair of earrings. I think it comes down to my favourite things and how they come together. That's fun when that happens."

Riccardo also opened up about what drew him to Erykah in the first place. He recalled the moment they decided to join forces.

"I knew her as a musician and an artist. And she is a real artist. We had crossed paths before once in New York but never really knew each other," he added. "I asked her [to star in the ads] and she said yes. I was very, very happy. I wanted to represent the collection with style and elegance and I think she is perfect for that. "

Erykah isn't the only musician who has become the face of a fashion house this year. She joins the likes of artists such as Lady Gaga, who appears in the campaigns for Versace.

Asked why she thinks there have been so many new pairings, Erykah put it down to them helping each other.

"I think that we keep each other moving creatively, especially those that have been in this game awhile," she gushed. "To see our fellow artists like Riccardo and Donatella [Versace] choose musicians only shows that we are all connected."

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