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Este Haim: Fashion is fun

Este Haim reveals that she and sisters Danielle and Alana select outfits that they feel confident and can have fun in.

The singer, who along with Dash Hutton and her sisters Danielle and Alana make up pop group Haim, has become well known for her laid back sense of style.

Talking to, 28-year-old Este explained that having fun with fashion is just as important as how comfortable she feels in clothes.

“I think fashion and music have always had a dialectical relationship. For us, we wear what we have fun in and what we run around stage in and feel the most confident and sassy in," Este smiled.

Haim burst on to the music scene with their 2013 debut studio album Days Are Gone, and quickly garnered popularity around the world.

While looking to other singers for inspiration, the sisters also admit that legendary musicians often provide them with style insight too.

“Bruce Springsteen for sure. I mean, that butt shot with a baseball cap tucked in the back pocket—come on! And those were Levi’s! That Born in the U.S.A. photo is pretty iconic,” Alana revealed of her top denim muse.

“And George Michael shaking his patootie in the Faith video,” laughed Este.

Este also likened her style to Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks, while her younger sisters preferred the styling of Joan Jett.

While their personal tastes may differ slightly, the girls have previously admitted that sharing clothes is a daily occurrence for them.

"I guess collectively Este and I [sometimes fight over clothes]. We usually steal from Danielle's closet," Alana told Teen Vogue.

"We all share clothes on the road. It's basically a first grab, first serve basis," Danielle added.

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