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Este Haim 'uncomfortable' in trousers

Este Haim feels too restricted in trousers to ever wear them.

The bassist is in US band Haim along with her sisters Alana and Danielle and Dash Hutton. The girls all have different tastes when it comes to fashion, with Este not one to opt for trousers.

"I think the key to dressing is just wearing things that make you feel the best about yourself," she told Company magazine. "I can't wear that [points to Danielle in a tee and jeans] Pants and me don't mesh. I feel restricted. I feel like I need to be able to do cartwheels, and if I can't, I feel uncomfortable."

While style is important to all the sisters, they have different ways of achieving their looks. Danielle loves nothing better than hitting the shops and hunting for bargains, while Alana can think of nothing worse.

"Our favourite thing to do is thrift shopping in LA. If I wanna clear my mind, I go thrift shopping. I get so focused on finding something good, it clears my head," Daniella said.

Alana added: "I'm the exact opposite. I hate shopping. Sifting through racks is just not my vibe. I just wait until they buy sh*t and then I take it."

To ensure they all look their best, the siblings wear each other's pieces. They enjoy sharing clothes and can't see that ever changing.

"Yeah, every closet in our house is a melange of all of our clothes," Este explained. "Our house now looks like a thrift store warehouse. If you want to come, you are invited."

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