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Eva Green admires Rankin

Eva Green loves Rankin as he is so "rock 'n' roll".

The gorgeous star feels privileged to work with a range of professionals in the fashion world. Eva has her own favourites, and can always rely on renowned photographer Rankin to take the most stunning shots.

"He is very rock 'n' roll. He's quick - a real man; he knows what he wants and he's a perfectionist. I love his lighting. It is always very flattering," she explained.

The stunning actress also appreciates wearing a range of designer clothes both on and off the red carpet.

The brunette beauty is a fan of Roberto Cavalli white tuxedo jackets and Tom Ford jewellery. Eva is partial to wearing neutral hues as they are reminiscent of what ancient Egyptian royalty used to wear.

"There is lots of white which I love - it always kind of reminds me of Cleopatra," she told the latest edition of UK magazine InStyle.


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