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Eva Green: Galliano will return

Eva Green thinks John Galliano will "make a comeback".

In September the designer was found guilty of making racist and anti-Semitic remarks. The incidents resulted in the designer being sacked from his role at Christian Dior and from his eponymous label earlier this year.

The French actress is a long-term friend of Galliano and believes he will return to the fashion industry at some point.

"He will make a comeback, I just know it," she told British Vogue. "He is so very talented. He's in the same line as McQueen and Gaultier in that he's very theatrical and dramatic. Human beings are allowed to make mistakes."

The actress believes Galliano's job put him under a lot of pressure.

The designer claimed addictions to alcohol, Valium and sleeping pills meant that he couldn't recall the remarks he made in February.

"He is far from being as bad person," Green explained. "Being a designer is a hard job, I think the pace is quite mad. I don't know what format he'll work to, or how many collections he'll do; I can't decide for him, the way in which he does make a comeback, but I just know that he will."

Despite being a high profile star, the actress insists that her life is quite dull. Her acting allows her an outlet to go crazy.

"My life is quite flat," she said, "so sometimes it's great just to let it all go. Acting that you're killing someone on screen is much better than actually killing someone."

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