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Eva Longoria: Make time for exercise

Eva Longoria uses different diet methods depending on what results she wants to achieve.

The US actress found global fame playing glamorous Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives in 2004.

Over the past 11 years she doesn't appear to have aged a day and still rocks a trim figure. Eva puts this down to her dedication to fitting in fitness.

"You waste more time than you think. People say, ‘I don’t have time to work out, I don’t have time to do this.' When you just commit to it and you all of a sudden prioritise you realise, ‘Oh wait, I did have time,'" Eva told Vogue Australia.

Staying in shape is now more important than ever for the 40-year-old, who happily admits there is no magic formula for keeping fit and healthy.

She advises people who try to avoid the gym to "just do it", but also points out how important eating well is too.

"Especially as you get older, people want to know the secret to looking good and there is no secret. It’s diet and exercise. People say they eat well but they don’t exercise. Or they run 20 miles a day but they can’t lose weight. You have to do both.

“It depends [on what job I'm prepping for]. I’ll do a cleanse to feel better but I’ll do no sugar to lose weight or I’ll do vegan to lean out. Everything has a different reaction," she outlined.

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