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Eva Longoria: Victoria Beckham is iconic

Eva Longoria thinks Victoria Beckham is a "style genius".

The two stars are firm friends and Eva is regularly spotted wearing designer Victoria's chic dresses. Eva insists she could never pull off creating a fashion range like her style-savvy pal.

"I could never do something like what Victoria does. What she has done with that line and how involved she is creatively. She is just a style genius," she gushed in an interview with UK TV show Daybreak.

"You know, she is not only a fashion icon, she is truly a great designer. I think to do it at that level is out of my league.

"She is really good at it, she lives and breathes fashion."

Eva is famed for her role as glamorous Gabrielle Solis in hit TV show Desperate Housewives. The series has come to an end and Eva didn't take many style mementos from her character's wardrobe.

"I got to keep some clothes. But I am not a Gabrielle fashion kind of girl," she smiled. "I wouldn't wear a lot of the stuff that she wore. So I just kept a couple of things."

Eva dazzled in a range of show-stopping ensembles at the Cannes Film Festival in May. The brunette beauty says preparation for the prestigious event is arduous.

"We have to do four or five fittings before I leave for Cannes, we go through hundreds of dresses," she explained. "I hate it, I hate fittings. I don't like to put things on, sew them, I hate it, it's such a pain.

"The dress I opened with in Cannes was the first one I tried on. I will look at a rack and say, 'That one!' and I will know it's right."

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