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Eva Mendes: Angel ad was scary

Eva Mendes was "terrified" of being suspended 30 metres from the ground while shooting her Angel promo for Thierry Mugler.

The Hollywood beauty was named the new face of the brand's scent in March, taking over from Naomi Watts. Eva is seen floating in the air in the beautifully mysterious advert, which made shooting particularly daunting for the star.

"Yes! It was very high!" she laughed when asked if she was scared about filming from such a height. "It was terrifying! But very funny as well."

Eva sings the song Windmills of Your Mind in the video. The stunning star says the decision for her to perform it was totally unplanned.

"When the people from Mugler said to me they wanted to modernise the original song, I simply offered to sing it myself," she told the French edition of Grazia magazine. "It wasn't planned, it was completely spontaneous."

Eva took the singing in her stride. The 37-year-old rose to the challenge of incorporating her vocal talent with her modelling.

"You know, for me, everything that can feed my acting experience is interesting. And I've been taking some singing and dancing lessons for a while. This is part of the job," she said.

"I like the idea of taking a risk each time I start a new project."

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