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Eva Mendes: I always look fresh

Eva Mendes admits that while she doesn't wake up "looking like a hobo" she is not glamorous in real life.

The 39-year-old has starred as the female lead in a string of movies but denies she is one of Hollywood's most glamorous ladies.

Eva doesn't mind dressing down and prefers a more laidback street style as her off duty look.

"When I'm working on a campaign or doing a photoshoot for a magazine, I want you guys to think I look nice. I'm not going to wake up looking like a hobo. But when I'm out there, I'm not that girl, I'm a very LA kind of girl," Eva explained to OK! magazine. "I certainly didn't grow up on the streets at all, but I'm the girl next door, that's just me."

Eva is happy with her body and is proud of her healthy attitude to her diet. She makes sure to work out regularly to keep her figure in check.

"Exercise, drinking water and being as healthy as you can - there's no secret. Trust me, if there was, I would share it. It would make me very rich first of all! I'm just kidding, but there's no secret," Eva continued. "I work out. I don't have body issues, but, trust me, I have other issues. I think it's my Cuban heritage. We celebrate everything. You can be a size 12 or a size zero and it's healthy. You just go with it and accept your body."

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