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Eva Mendes: 'I found my signature style in my 30s'

Actress and designer Eva Mendes reveals she can no longer wear earrings because her toddler daughter loves to pull on them.

Eva Mendes blossomed into her signature style when she was in her 30s.

The actress reached a certain point after her 30th birthday when she felt she did not want to be body conscious anymore and decided to stick with fitted dresses that flatter her curves.

In an interview with America’s Glamour magazine, the 42-year-old said that while she had gone through a period of "trial and error" in her 20s, she has since learned which styles make her "feel great".

"I tend to like something that's fitted at the waist, but where I don't have to worry about tugging my dress down if I'm getting in or out of a car," she said, adding that she prefers, "A higher neckline - not to say it's more conservative, it's just more comfortable."

The Other Guys star also noted there were a couple of outfits that she wore in her 20s which make her cringe now, including fluorescent ensembles or dresses on top of denim jeans.

"It was a fun idea, but it needs to be left where it was buried for me," she laughed.

Conversely, the brunette beauty would like the choker to make a comeback, as she thinks of it as an underrated accessory. Though she tried to re-launch the choker style in her last clothing and accessory collection for New York & Company, the brunette beauty admits that not too many people were keen on the idea.

Eva, who shares 18-month-old daughter Esmeralda with long-term boyfriend Ryan Gosling, also reveals that having a baby has impacted her outfit choices.

She doesn't have time to think about coordinating outfits, so reaches for comfortable dresses she can throw on before rushing out of the house. Wearing earrings has "become a luxury" for the actress too, because her daughter loves to pull on them.

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