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Eva Mendes: I own awful clothes

Eva Mendes says the "horrific" denim shorts she sports in her latest movie come from her own wardrobe.

The actress utilised some of her old wardrobe items to play the part of downtrodden mom Romina in the film.

The 39-year-old joked that some alterations did have to be made so she could fit into the same denims she sported 21 years ago.

"This is not a girl who fusses with make-up or clothing; this is a woman in survival mode, living on bare bones. Those jean shorts, those horrific jean shorts that are so awful, are mine from 1992. I swear. You'll notice they're a little ripped on the side, so we did some tweaking," Eva confessed to Look magazine. "They're very ill-fitting and that's what I wanted for her. She's very raw."

Eva's wardrobe is made up '70s inspired pieces, with is her go-to style era. While she enjoys vintage, there is one element of past fashion that she cannot tolerate. Eva's previously spoken out about wearing fur and even voiced an anti-fur documentary for the PETA organisation.

"Within the fashion industry, I can't believe designers still use real fur in their designs when it's so easy to make faux fur," she ranted. "[Faux fur] is cheap and it looks great."

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