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Evan Rachel Wood on hair dye challenges

Evan Rachel Wood admits dyeing her hair is “high maintenance”.

The actress enjoys experimenting with the colour of her locks and has sported red, dark brown and blonde hair in the past. She loves having flame-coloured tresses, but admits the process of achieving such a vibrant shade can look rather dramatic.

“I’ve got many different sides and I like exploring them,” she told the latest UK edition of Elle magazine. “My natural hair colour is blonde but I had so much fun with red hair. It’s high maintenance, though – when you shower it looks like a crime scene.”

Evan has also tried different cosmetic looks in the past, some of which she now regrets. She wasn’t always interested in make-up when she was younger, but admits she took her beauty look too far when she went through her goth phase.

“I used to be a tomboy. When I did get into make-up, I really got into it. I look back now and think, ‘Oh my God, why did you put so much on? You were so goth. Dude, what were you doing?’” Evan laughed. “I’m glad I did it because everyone’s got to go through a phase – but I’m really glad it’s over!”

Evan now has a tried and tested method when it comes to using products. She knows what best suits her complexion and has complete faith in her cosmetics artist.

“I’ve worked with the same make-up artist for years, Toby Fleischman – we know each other so well,” she added. “He introduced me to Aquaphor, which is like Vaseline. It fixes dry spots and gives your lips and eyelids a glossy shine.”

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