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Evan Rachel Wood’s perfect punk look

Evan Rachel Wood finds it hard to pick a hair colour she'll stick too.

The actress stars in Viena and the Fantomes alongside Dakota Fanning, which hits cinema screens next year.

It tells the story of a roadie travelling around the US with a punk band during the 80s, and Evan was a big fan of the look she was given.

"Everyone in the film got a major makeover. I really liked mine so I kept it—plus, it took all day to do!" Evan laughed to Lucky magazine.

"As far as being redhead verses blonde—it's so hard for me to choose one that'll stick. My natural colour is a dirty blonde. There's a million different sides of my personality and it comes out in my hair, so I really can't love one colour more than the other.”

As well as her ever changing hair, mom-of-one Evan is also a big fan of fashion. She always looks flawless on the red carpet, but that also comes down to her luminous skin.

When it comes to skincare the 27-year-old likes to keep things as natural as possible.

"Everyone thinks that my olive oil trick is so funny! It's really effective at getting your make-up off and it leaves your skin super soft. I like using products with the least amount of ingredients possible, because I have very sensitive skin. When I'm travelling, sometimes I don't have access to my normal skincare products so I love the idea of being able to walk into any grocery story and finding the beauty stuff I need.

"Sugar and lemon juice acts as a great exfoliant. Apple cider vinegar works for my pimples or when I feel a spot coming on. I just dab it on for a few seconds and wash it off with cold water. It's my skincare saviour. In terms of actual products, anything by Clark's Botanical is amazing and Origins has great, natural ingredients that make my skin look alive," she revealed.

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