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Eve bemoans butt

Eve worked out hard to get the perfect body for her wedding to Maximillion Cooper.

The American singer has been hitting the gym hard in preparation for her wedding to Maximillion Cooper. The couple tied the knot in Ibiza last weekend, with Eve making sure her body was in peak physical shape for the big day.

"I've been exercising like crazy lately - four or five times a week - in preparation for my wedding. I try to do an hour, bit if I'm really busy it's 20 minutes of power yoga.

"My favourite is my lips. But I don't like my ass. No matter how many squats I do, I'm still not happy," Eve added when British magazine Now asked her what her favourite body part is.

Eve's slim figure is down to a mix of different exercise and work-out routines.

Instead of sticking to the same, go-to moves, the 35-year-old likes to work different parts of body.

"I get bored easily, so I mix it up a lot. I might run outside for 55 minutes, then do five minutes of stretches or a mix of cardio exercises with my trainer. Then yoga or Pilates," she revealed.

Throughout her day Eve's drink of choice is green tea, and she has a diet rich in fish and vegetables. She is also a fan of taking supplements.

"I take probiotics and I think multivitamins are great, too, but if you're eating healthily you're pretty much getting everything you need," she enthused.

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