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Farrell styled his Horrible Bosses character

Colin Farrell was always sure he'd have a combover in Horrible Bosses.

The actor played sleazy boss Bobby Pellitt in the 2011 comedy, which also starred Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

Normally known for looking dapper in suits on the red carpet, Colin found himself wearing garish clothes for the role.

"I thought he had this fascination with Korean contemporary culture and his definition of that would be karaoke clubs and dodgy shirts with dragons," Colin laughed to Total Film.

"I met Seth [Gordon, director] and he was like, 'Cool, I'm up for it.'"

The 37-year-old said he had a "really clear idea" of what his character would look like when he first came face to face with the script.

His hairdo was especially well thought out.

"I wasn't going, 'How can I make this interesting, what can I do?' and 'I have to adorn myself with sh*t,' I don't think even subconsciously. I literally read it and I was like, 'This guy (and I hate this word and I never use it but I think it might have said it in the script) is a d****e,'" he laughed.

"He's kind of got a combover and he's both too vain and too insecure to get plugs - because he has the money for plugs - and he had a rat tail."

While Colin was sure of Bobby's appearance, the director felt he had to draw a line somewhere.

"The rat tail was too much for them," he grinned.

"I gave it up because they didn't want me fat with a belly, they didn't want the combover and it was kind of like, 'Lose the rat tail!'"

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