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Fergie 'mixes up' cardio

Fergie gets bored with the same old workout routine.

The 36-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer is in terrific shape. Fergie exercises regularly, but she admits that she has to switch up her routine at times to remain interested.

"I do a lot of treadmill, sometimes I'll just do dancing," Fergie told Extra on the shoot for her new alcohol Voli Light Vodka. "I like to mix it up."

Fergie isn't too strict about her dietary habits though. The superstar sticks to her health regime most of the time, but she prefers to treat herself to her favourite calorific goodies every now and then.

"Once in awhile, I go out to dinner with [husband] Josh [Duhamel] and cheat a little bit," Fergie confessed.

"I always let myself have a little bit of fun."

Fergie is excited about promoting her new alcoholic beverage, as she feels her spirit won't trump the efforts of others to keep fit.

"It's finally here, people - the first low-calorie vodka!" she exclaimed.

Voli Light Vodka is available for purchase online and in retailers across America.

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