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Fergie's son influences fragrance

Fergie designed her new fragrance around her son’s love of cartoons and colour.

The former Black Eyes Peas singer has 19-month-old son Axl with husband Josh Duhamel.

Fergie has a range of perfumes with Avon and admitted during a chat with Us Weekly that her little boy played a part in her latest effort.

“Seeing the world through my son’s eyes influenced the design of my fourth scent,” she said regarding Outspoken Fresh. “He’s really attracted to colour and cartoons.”

The new bottle is turquoise with orange writing and joins her other fragrances, which include Outspoken and Viva.

The outlet also asked the 40-year-old about some of her other favourite smells. And the London Bridge singer admitted roses were high on her list.

“When Josh and I were dating he did the whole romance thing,” she recalled. “I would enter my hotel room and there would be roses from him.”

However, one of her other top scents comes from a former boyfriend. The unnamed guy used to wear Drakkar Noir aftershave, and Fergie did what she could to make sure she could smell him at all times.

“I took my boyfriend’s sweatshirt home and it smelled like him – heaven!” she laughed.

Meanwhile, one of her most cherished childhood scents is blood orange.

“I grew up in Hacienda Heights, California, and my dad grew trees in the backyard,” she explained. “It was very exciting for me to take the oranges to school and cut them open – the other kids would ooh and aah over the purple pulp.”

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