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Florence Welch: I looked like a cross-dresser

Florence Welch looked like a "cross-dresser" in the early days of her music career.

The British songstress is famed for her eclectic fashion choices, donning vintage gowns and quirky pieces for stage shows and red carpet appearances.

Florence's signature look wasn't always so polished though, which she blames on her haphazard lifestyle on the road.

"I went through a period of a couple of years when I'd wear just anything. I was on the road with boys in the band and I'd just wear all their clothes. I'd grab a pair of their trousers and throw one of their shirts on," she told British newspaper The Sun.

"I was like a cross-dresser but really it was just out of laziness. At times I looked like a cross between Annie Hall and [TV presenter] Bruce Forsyth.

"It never incurred to me it was odd or I may have looked strange. I was getting around on a bike and it was just easy."

It took a while for Florence to find her fashion feet. The red-headed star used money from her record company to start investing in an enviable wardrobe.

"When I started getting paid for food, when on tour, I'd use that money to go to the local vintage shop and buy capes and feathers and it all just grew from there," she explained.

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