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Florence Welch: I need cosmetics

Florence Welch feels like a "leopard" without make-up.

The 25-year-old songstress-and-fashion-icon did a lot of stage diving and crowd surfing in her youth. She now has scars on her legs from her teenage antics that she masks with concealer.

Florence embraces the discolourations on her legs, as she frequently accidentally bangs herself while performing.

"Without the make-up I look like a leopard," Florence told British newspaper The Guardian. "There's this weird sense of invincibility that comes over you on stage, and I bruise easily."

Florence will not cover her legs with casualwear. The singer prefers to don more glamorous attire.

"I've just never been a tracksuit-wearer," she explained.

Florence follows health codes that are equally as strict as her fashion doctrines.

"[I've] got the ten Florence commandments!" she quipped.

"Number one: Always carry seeds. I don't think that meant, like, to grow things in an emergency. I was just obsessed with eating nuts. Number 10: Climb anything Number two: Always have a book"

Florence and the Machine's newest album Ceremonials will be released worldwide on November 1.

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