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Florence Welch's feels 'powerful' in gig outfits

Florence Welch feels and affinity to Gucci's Alessandro Michele as they both have the same outlook when it comes to their work.

Florence Welch needs her stage clothes to reflect her wild side.

The singer and her band Florence + the Machine are currently on their tour of North America, Latin America and Europe, which ends with a gig in London on 2 July (16).

Florence is known for her bohemian/ glam rock style, which she wears both on and off the stage. Gucci’s Alessandro Michele had designed her latest gig outfits, and the 29-year-old was specific in what she needed.

“It was really important that I could move, especially with this record so that always comes first. It has to be a mix between comfortable and powerful,” she explained to Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“It’s almost as if the part of me that I perhaps keep restrained in daily life is actually free to do whatever it wants when I’m performing. It’s the side of me that wants to be jumping on tables and chairs and climbing tress and running around, which I try to hold down in everyday life. The clothes have to reflect that.”

Florence always puts on an energetic show, which has sometimes resulted in injury. During America’s Coachella festival last year (15), the flame-haired singer ended up breaking her foot when she leapt around the stage.

Luckily Alessandro totally understood what the performer needed for her onstage wardrobe, and Florence is overwhelmed by his designs.

“What really appeals to me about Alessandro is he makes very beautiful things but there’s always an edge there and an element of darkness,” she smiled. “That’s something I always try to bring into my songs. Nothing can be too pretty. There always has to be something slightly unsettling. That sort of stuff really appeals to me.”

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