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Flowers attached to spacesuit

Brandon Flowers is proud to have his very own spaceman suit.

The Killers frontman donned the outfit for the video to accompany the band’s 2008 hit Spaceman. It is unlike the normal one-pieces worn by astronauts as it is red and had plumes of feathers around the shoulders. Although he hasn’t worn it for ages, Brandon still likes to have it around.

“I’ve still got it somewhere but I don’t try it on. It’s not with us right now, it’s in my pick-up truck,” he told Q magazine.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. joked: “He just carries it around.”

Although Brandon joked about needing to have the outfit in his car, he does take his clothing seriously. However, the singer’s illusions were shattered when Ronnie made a startling admission.

“I only wore it that one night. It’s my own spaceman suit. No one else has tried it on,” Brandon explained.

Ronnie interjected: “I have a confession to make. I try it on sometimes.”

The guys were also quizzed on other items in their wardrobes. Asked what kind of underwear they favoured Brandon kept mum, while Ronnie was happy for people to know his preference.

“Briefs. Always have, always will. In various colours,” he said.

Brandon was happier to get involved when talk turned to food. He is proud of his svelte figure but does have a few vices, among them biscuits.

“It’s tough to beat an Oreo cookie although I like Jammie Dodgers,” he mused.

“Oreo. Hands f**king down,” Ronnie insisted.

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