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FOODie Kelis

Kelis says that calling her new album FOOD was a no brainer as she enjoys cooking for people.

The Acapella singer is back with her sixth studio album FOOD, four years after her last musical effort.

Kelis admits the name was just a working title, but in the end she felt it reflected a big aspect of her life.

"[Naming the album FOOD] wasn't this deep thought. I just named it that in the computer as a working title while we were recording and when we were done I just thought, 'Why change it when it's perfect as is?'" she revealed to British magazine Pride.

"Every day I was working with this huge band all together in one living room and all those people have to eat, you know. So instead of ordering out I thought let me make something, so it was literally making music and cooking. They're both nourishing; one is to your heart and one to your body and you can't have one without the other."

Kelis takes great pride in the meals she cooks and often makes some of her signature dishes for her friends.

After her 2003 smash hit Milkshake, Kelis was instantly known for her dairy treats. But in reality the singer admits it's her sauces that really get people talking.

"I make sauces so that's what everyone knows me for but I brought in my jerk ribs, no irony intended, to the studio and everyone was literally like, 'These might be the best things we've ever tasted!'" she smiled.

"I'm all about love and life and just enjoying all of that. FOOD came about because of that love of food and togetherness and family and friends. I really wanted to bring that across in the music."

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