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Foodie Pink

Pink enjoys indulging in food and doesn't deprive herself of her favourite treats.

The American singer, real name Alecia Moore, has two-year-old daughter Willow Sage with her husband Carey Hart.

She managed to shed her baby weight fairly quickly thanks to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Now back in shape she still keeps physically fit, but insists she doesn't hold back on her favourite snacks.

"I train five days a week for an hour and a half, plus rehearsals if I'm touring - but I eat a lot too," she revealed to British magazine Closer. "I like my food and I like my wine, so I don't let it stop me from enjoying myself."

Pink enlisted the help of Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins to help get her post-baby body back in shape after giving birth in June 2011. Along with her workouts she also used diet meal service Freshology, which allowed her to tuck into tasty meals and snacks amounting to between 1,200 and 1,400 calories a day.

However, during her pregnancy the 34-year-old star thoroughly enjoyed indulging in naughty food and had no concerns about her weight.

"I put on 56lbs. and it as awesome. I knew that as soon as I got pregnant I was going to eat cheesecake and chicken wings - and I did," she laughed. "I gained every one of those in pounds. But I thought it made it a lot easier."

With her new trim figure Pink landed a role in film Thanks For Sharing.

Her daughter Willow was just three months old when she began shooting in New York and Pink believes this new-parent feeling helped her become a better actress.

"I was in this total new-mom fog, so I was feeling far enough out of myself to be able to be someone else and do a decent job," she added.

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