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Forest Whitaker's style Law

Forest Whitaker admires the way Jude Law can look good in casual clothing and a cap.

The 52-year-old actor always looks dapper in suits on the red carpet, most recently to promote his latest movie The Butler.

When it comes to fashion Forest looks up to Jude, who has achieved heartthrob status during his time in Hollywood.

"Jude Law dresses really well. Every time I see him, even when he's casual and with his cap, he looks good," he told

As Cecil Gaines in The Butler, the actor wears a great deal of sharp suits and black bow ties.

He revealed his top tip for looking good in real life.

"I think I like to have something that has a little bit of life, a warm quality. Something that gives a little bit of a breath of your other experiences, something personal that has age to it..." he mused.

This is a little like his character, who ends up wearing a tie pin from Lyndon B. Johnson and a tie gifted to him by John F. Kennedy.

Forest let fans in on his preparation for the scene.

"That scene was one of the first things I did some research on, because there are photos of Eugene Allen [the butler who inspired the film] putting on his suit, so everything I'm doing was part of how I was working out the part - putting on the tie and the suit. It was from Eugene Allen really doing it," he explained.

The Butler also stars Mariah Carey and Alex Pettyfer and is directed by Lee Daniels.

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