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Freida Pinto has effortless tresses

Freida Pinto's sleek ponytail is an easy look to achieve at home, says a top stylist.

The actress' long brunette locks are the envy of women all over the globe. They are always perfectly styled when she is on the red carpet, and James Pecis has revealed a quick way to get one of her key looks.

The slick ponytail takes the minimum of time and equally little fuss.

"Begin my making a clean parting with a comb," James told Glamour magazine.

"Comb your hair into a low ponytail, keeping it close to the nape of the neck."

The style would be held in place with a band which matches your hair hue. Then it's simply a case of swishing straighteners over your locks.

Beyoncé Knowles prefers a less sleek look, going for the undone braid.

It's another easy look, which is started by parting your hair on the side - picking the area which suits your face shape best.

"Use a large curling iron to add some movement to the roots of your hair," James said. "Pull your hair into a low ponytail on the opposite side to your parting."

Then all you need to do is loosely plait your locks, letting some strands fall free for a relaxed vibe.

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