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Future: A$AP's so fly

Future urges people to only get a tattoo if they want it, not to look "cool".

The two rappers are big names in the music industry and both rock distinct looks. Speaking about who he thinks is the best-dressed man in hip-hop, A$AP was one of Future's top choices.

"So many dudes: Pharrell, Pusha, A$AP, Kanye, Wiz. Those are my top. Right now A$AP Rocky doing good, I can't even front. I love it," he gushed to "Pusha been doing his thing - he's fashion forward, doing sneakers, exclusive Balmain. He always had the dope T-shirts. I like Pharrell's style also. Pharrell's hat is a good thing - because it's his. Unique."

For his interview the musician was decked out in Nike track shoes and a trench coat which a "sweet" stylist gave him after shooting a music video.

Earlier this year Future attending the Calvin Klein show as part of New York Fashion Week. While many get the impression that such events are time consuming he explained it's all over pretty quickly.

"People think fashion shows take hours - it's 15 minutes. You walk in, do red carpet, take the pictures, you sit down... and then it's over," he added. "My favourite look? The entire Calvin Klein collection: Italo Zucchelli did a fabulous job."

As well as his dapper appearance Future is also known for his prominent tattoos, including the words 'Dungeon' and 'Family' sprawled across each lower arm. He advises people not to get ink lightly though.

"Do it because you want to do it, not because you think it's cool. I haven't had any bad experiences," he shared. "My arm took the longest - I had the top sleeve done, where they did my back and half of my arm. It was pretty painful. Committed."

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