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Gabrielle Union: Beauty treatments will bankrupt me

Gabrielle Union has no problem splashing her cash on massages and acupuncture.

The 42-year-old actress is happy to talk about her favourite beauty products to some extent, but it’s procedures which really get her juices flowing. The former model couldn’t live without massages although she isn’t too fussy and regularly visits a Los Angeles chain where she gets a full body pummelling for just $20

“My splurges are for massages and acupuncture. I’ll go broke. If I ever end up on an episode of What Happened to These People? it will be because of massages,” she laughed to The Cut. “I have high anxiety and massages and acupuncture help me de-stress. I have been known to have massages or acupuncture back to back to back.”

In the past Gabrielle has stuck to a vegan diet, although she doesn’t want to be misconstrued. She actually did it when she was shooting a TV series called Being Mary Jane in Atlanta as it helped her not be tempted by all the delicious, calorific food she was surrounded by. She hired a chef to whip up meals for her, which was hugely beneficial - although she can’t imagine eating that way for good.

“Oh no! I love meat! I love meat in a way that it is unhealthy for me. I’m from Omaha. I like real bacon. There’s nothing that upsets me more than turkey or veggie bacon. I want pork. I’m down for the pig,” she laughed. “But when I’m in Atlanta, it can just be a problem. There’s something about comfort food that makes me so happy. But it does not help with continuity while filming if my weight is going up and down.”

Gabrielle imparted some other beauty and diet advice too, stating drinking water is the singular best thing she does for herself. Since her 30s the star has guzzled a gallon a day, and she believes that is why she looks good for her age. The star has also seen it benefit her hair, plus she likes that it “cleanses you and keeps things moving beautifully”.

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