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Gabrielle Union: I hate smelling funky

Gabrielle Union makes sure she always carries deodorant in her bag to avoid smelling like a "funky monkey".

The actress regularly travels, and spends a lot of her time in hot climates. Gabrielle ensures she stays on top of her hygiene when she's jet setting.

"Water, I travel with, if I am able to - I can't take it on the plane. Also lip balm, for winter and summer because people sometimes think that when you're dehydrated a lot of sunburns can happen on your lips - lip gloss over chapped lips looks like lip gloss over chapped lips and lip stick over chapped lips is just awful," she told Beauty High.

"Oh, and mascara is a must - and deodorant! It's in my purse, I don't mess around. I'm always in a hot climate and I'm like, 'What stinks?! It's me.' No funky monkey. So now I keep deodorant in my bag."

Gabrielle has garnered a host of great beauty tips from working in the glamorous entertainment industry. However, the 39-year-old star says the simplest of secrets are often the best.

"The biggest and most inexpensive that anyone can do is water. I try to drink a gallon a day. And it's made a huge difference in my hair, skin and nails, it grows! I generally don't have major skin flare-ups because I'm so hydrated, but my hair is growing, my nails are growing, my skin is staying clear and it helps with my weight loss," she said.

"Just substituting little things out of your diet like soda, juice, any sort of sugary drink - there's no need to have flavour water when you can have regular water - just throw a little lemon in there if you want to look fancy. But that's been the best and easiest secret."

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