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Gabrielle Union: I like big butts

Gabrielle Union has spoken about what she finds sexy in another person.

The 41-year-old actress still rocks a killer figure and works hard to keep it in shape. There is one area of the body which Gabrielle thinks makes an individual stand out, no matter their gender.

"Ooh... A great chest. And a beautiful, bulbous ass," she smiled to when asked what she thinks is sexy. "[For] men. Although for women, too, I guess. I notice them on women in the gym as well. But a baseball cap backward is always a bonus."

Gabrielle is no stranger to flaunting her curves on the big screen. She still remembers the time she discovered her sex symbol status in the movie industry after having moved away from features such as 2000 rom-com Bring It On.

"I think because I did teen roles for so long, that word [sexy] wasn't really used, so it was probably when I did Bad Boys II," she recalled. "The bikini scene in that movie, and the response at the premiere, I was like, 'Oh, sh*t, I'm glad I worked out!' I think that was the moment I moved beyond being the cute, sassy friend into something else."

With the risqué roles came a new-found confidence for Gabrielle. She is now so used to baring all for the camera, she compares herself to the late American porn actress Marilyn Chambers.

"I joke that I feel like Marilyn Chambers, because I've done so many sex scenes over the years. A lot of people [during sex scenes], they want to clear set, but I feel like that takes longer," Gabrielle laughed. "So I'm like, 'As many people that need to be in here, come on in!' You can easily Google and see my butt. I'm not that pressed about you seeing me."

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