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Gabrielle Union thankful for oily skin

Gabrielle Union has her oily skin to thank for helping to keep her skin looking young.

The Being Mary Jane actress began her career in the early '90s and thanks to her glowing complexion, more than 20 years later she still looks fresh faced.

But her secret to a young appearance isn't expensive beauty products, but rather her skin type.

"I've come to find that my oily skin is working as an embalming fluid that's basically making me a vampire," Gabrielle laughed to

"It used to be the bane of my existence but I'm now realising that my oily skin, along with drinking a gallon of water a day, is my secret anti-ageing elixir."

After hitting the big time in movies such as Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You, 41-year-old Gabrielle became a regular at showbiz events.

It's her past looks that Gabrielle is turning to as inspiration for her wedding to NBA all-star Dwyane Wade later this summer.

"I've had a lot of red carpet moments so I'm probably going to go back through WireImage and find a look and roll with that.

"A note to all brides: don't come down the aisle looking like someone else. Be yourself… just maybe a cuter version! Whoever it is at the end of that aisle is going to love you no matter what," she advised.

Far from being a slave to a strict wedding diet, Gabrielle is bucking the trend and feasting on fast food before her big day.

"I'm not [preparing]! I'm eating cheeseburgers and drinking heavily!" she giggled.

"I'm kind of like the anti-bride. It should be fun, not stressful, so I'm keeping it light and not freaking out about it."

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